It's clear that Trump's candidates for cabinet posts were chosen to undo the very agencies they've been asked to lead. We need to witness and report the attempts to dismantle our government and the policies that protect us...the policies that honor the common good and protect our planet. Donald Trump will be the first president ever elected who has not had one day of public or military service in his 70 years on the planet. His background and sole interest, thus far, is business. Government is not a business, nor should it be run with business priorities. 

We need to write and call our representatives. They should get to know us by the sound of our voices and the eloquence of our pens. 

As this administration gets under way, many of us will be affected negatively by the policies that will be enacted. We need to tell our stories. We need to make it clear that there are real people being impacted by decisions being made. We need to dissent. We will.

This will be a place where our stories can be told. 



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