Truth in the Time of Trump

There was so much pain and confusion sewn in the run-up and aftermath of this election. What's being called into question more than anything else is trust: our trust in one another; our trust in leadership; our trust in the institutions we have always known; our trust in our government, built on solemn promises. In his inaugural address, Mr. Trump had an opportunity to address that divide; he chose not to. He began his campaign with a lie -- birtherism -- and he continues to sew the seeds of destruction and division.

We need to walk together and not be goaded by Trump's tactics. They serve a purpose for him, but his tactics don't serve Americans at all. It's tempting to fight back using the same invectives as he hurls; doing so threatens to diminish us all. We must see past this administration and this presidency and concentrate on electing politicians to both parties who are interested in placing country before party and the interests of all Americans before each politician's personal gains.