What, exactly, is going on here? We have Donald Trump's tweets and his continued praise of Putin -- inviting Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's e-mail server -- while on his campaign trail. All of this continues after his electoral win. Trump continues to doubt the CIA's findings that Russia was involved in hacking the DNC and John Podesta's e-mail accounts, releasing private e-mails strategically -- within an hour of the release of the lewd Access Hollywood tape -- diverting attention in order to favor a Trump win, for Putin's own purposes, in our national election.

Why does Donald Trump doubt the information that our intelligence gathering agencies have provided? Why does he continuously praise Putin? Is it transactional? Because of his failure to release his tax returns, we don't know what investments, loans, or business dealings Donald Trump may have with Russian banks, businesses, or individuals. This conflict of interest affects every US citizen, whether we voted for him, or not. We do deserve transparency and honest dealings from everyone in this upcoming administration.

Follow the money. 

Therese Flanagan | January 2017



If Donald Trump fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or Special counsel Robert Mueller, we need to peacefully gather at a
Nobody is Above the Law Rally.

DOJ Alumni Statement Regarding Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, and the Rule of Law | Medium | April 13, 2018

WNYC Studios | Trump, Inc.


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Senator John McCain is calling for a Select Committee to investigate the Russian hacking; Senator Mitch McConnell is against that. Call your representatives and ask them to pursue the investigation through a Select Committee, where the findings will be made public:

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