Obama 2.0

What comes next for President Obama?

President Obama has plans to help the next generation of budding democratic politicians by directly mentoring them. When campaigning for President, Obama created a ground game that couldn't be beat; now, joining forces with Eric Holder, Obama's former AG, to form The Democratic Redistricting Committee, they hope to rebuild the democratic party by concentrating all of their energies on the ground game.

Obama chose Kelly Ward, former executive director of the DCCC, to be the interim leader of the redistricting project:

Ward picked to lead Obama-Holder redistricting project | by Edward-Isaac Dovere | Politico | 12.28.16

Outgoing DCCC Executive Director Moves to Obama’s Redistricting Group | Kelly Ward taking role with Obama-Holder effort | by Niels Lesniewski | Roll Call | 12.28.16

Obama’s post-presidency political focus: Redistricting | by Juliet Eilperin | The Washington Post | 11.17.16

We should all do what we can to help hone the Democratic message, fully make it our own, and get the message out there loud and clear, instead of reacting to every tweet and outrage offered by the President Elect and his team. George Lakoff, Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California, warns against giving Trump the attention his pronouncements seem to demand, in this recent blog post:

How to Help Trump

Without knowing it, many Democrats, progressives and members of the news media help Donald Trump every day. The way they help him is simple: they spread his message.
— George Lakoff

George Lakoff will be offering ways to frame our ideas as we make our way to a stronger democratic party, the party that was clearly favored by a majority of Americans in this last election. If we pay attention to the messages we want to deliver on a daily basis, become active in our communities, and clearly offer a vision and a means to creating the type of neighborhoods and country we want to live in and share with each other, there's no way we can lose in the long run. Let's get to work!